July 17, 2004

Missouri Attorney General's Office
Supreme Court Building
207 W. High St.
P.O. Box 899
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon,

I am a resident of the State of Missouri and a registered voter. I am writing this letter to inform you of a case involving Theodore William White, Jr. I have heard this story and I am completely troubled by the course of action that the State of Missouri and especially you, Mr. Nixon, have taken to deny this man his FREEDOM. The nonsense has to be stopped and you have the power to do what you need to do. You MUST drop this case! Theodore William White, Jr. has been wrongfully accused, wrongfully tried and wrongfully convicted.

Theodore White, Jr. has had two trials thus far, at a considerable cost to the tax payers and the White family. In the first case the prosecution failed to inform the defense that the lead investigator in the case was having an affair with Mr. White’s wife. The prosecution was well aware that the affair was going on and yet purposely withheld the information. The ex-wife and the lead detective are now married. A Missouri Court finally allowed Mr. White to have a re-trial and allowed all the information to be heard. This previous case was found to have many issues including: tampering, inconsistencies, false allegations, withholding of evidence, violations, cover-ups by the Lee's Summit Police Department, a lack of professionalism by the Jackson County Prosecutors Office and lies by both the ex-wife and the stepdaughter. The second trial created a verdict of 11 to 1 in favor of not guilty. Now, because of that hung jury, Mr. White remains in prison, the State of Missouri and the White family will endure even more hardship and financial cost. One lone juror (whom refused to even explain his reasoning) is the difference. THIS IS JUST WRONG!!!

Theodore William White, Jr. and his family have suffered for SIX long years. It is time for this to END! It is your duty as Attorney General to STOP this charade. The publicity is so damaging to the prosecution that it will highlight many wrongdoings by members of the Missouri Government. There have been numerous newspaper articles and television interviews with supporters of Theodore White. Many of the interviews have included members of the jury that strongly feel that Theodore White is innocent. You have the ability to end all of this and save the taxpayers' time and money. In addition you will be setting free a man whom was wrongly convicted and has spent the last six years in jail.

It is your responsibility to control your prosecutors and it is your responsibility to the people of Missouri to protect the rights of the people whom have elected you and voted for you. We must also admit and acknowledge that his civil rights have been violated multiple times. I am convinced one-hundred percent that Theodore William White, Jr. is INNOCENT and has been wrongfully accused.

Consider this letter as a concern and a promise that I will not stop the fight for Theodore William White, Jr. and his family. The citizens of Missouri will learn what has happened to this man and what the State Government of Missouri is doing to keep him from his FREEDOM.

Do what you were elected to do!       Do what is right!      Set Theodore William White, Jr. FREE!! 



Registered Voter of the State of Missouri